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Ask Lacey: Scarves

I have been asked multiple times, whether it via email or in person, by readers if I have advice on how to tie a scarf. As a girl from the south I would rarely need to wear a scarf, so I was hesitant to answer the question.

Now that I am in DC, I clearly need to learn this new art so many women around me seem to have down. So let’s learn together, shall we?

I dug around online for a simple breakdown of types of ways to tie a scarf, and this graphic below (found via Cap Hill Style) seems to be the best out there. Also, see a few of the scarves I have my eye on after.

Bittersweet Plaid Wrap {CUSP}

Houndstooth Scarf {Payless}

Refined Silk-Cashmere Wrap  {J Crew}


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Excuse Me… There is a Scarf on Your Head

I know what you are thinking as you read the title…. “huh?!” That was my initial reaction as I was scrolling through my Google Reader yesterday morning and began to notice that all of my style blogger favs were rocking silk scarfs on their head. As a girl who is always looking for creative ways to get my bangs off of my face, I knew I had to attempt this myself. It really is a simple look to recreate and is a great way to stay on trend with the 70s vibe spring is having this year. Take a look… Continue reading

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