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From Pelosi to Tory

Terri McCullough, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s current Chief of Staff, is heading off to the Tory Burch Foundation to be their Executive Director! The Tory Burch Foundation is a non-profit that provides economic opportunity to female entrepreneurs in the United States. This must be such a thrilling move for her.

The above pic is when she was pregnant and the Washingtonian wrote about her frustration with the lack of style found in maternity wear.

You can follow Terri on Twitter. I know I will! What an exciting journey she is about to take. I cannot wait to see what a political woman from DC can bring to the fashion/non-profit world. Also, can I just say, she will now have worked for two of some of my favorite women, former Speaker Polosi and Tory Burch. Wow. If you ever need a Comm/Marketing/New Media maven, Terri, I’ll be right here. Hehe.

Congratulations, Terri! … you go girl!

Here are some other articles on Torri’s move:


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