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Ok ALPers – I need to propose a question. What do you think about these ‘flatforms’ popping up in the spring looks? WhoWhatWear says to ‘Go Buy Now’. I’m hesitant. WWW describes flatforms as:

As seen on numerous influential runways, the flatform is the newest, most nifty shoe for spring. As you can tell from the name, it’s a hybrid of a platform and a flat, so you get a little lift in an untraditional way. (Sometimes the these shoes are not completely flat, but that’s okay because a flatform with a wee wedge still totally counts.)

None of the options above are in my price range, but I will dig around and find one for you all. I will never jump into a trend without buying a cheap version of the item and try it out on a weekend before I take the plunge for the pricey-er option. For example, before I purchased my Micheal Kors Gold Watch ($250), I purchased a watch similar in size at Target for $10 and wore it to work for a week to see if I was comfortable wearing something so large and chunky everyday. I will definitely need to use the same technique for the flatforms.

I could maybe see myself buying one pair to wear with my maxi dress and flow-y wide leg pants, but I don’t know if this will be a staple in my spring wardrobe. The ones that are completely flat just seem odd to me, but if there is a bit of a lift in the heel (…but if there is a lift in the heel then isn’t it just a wedge?) I may grab one.



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