Winter Hair

As my hair has been growing out I have began to notice that in the winter – the season of turtle necks, layers and chunky scarfs – my hair has been so frustrating I want to chop it all off getting in the way. I have become more and more desperate for some chic, easy up-dos that can keep my hair up and away while piling on the layers this winter. After some some virtual digging I have found some fabulous how-tos out there! Below are my top three I will be giving a shot asap!

Click on the image above for details of each step.

How to do above: Braid hair like putting it in pigtails, tie the braids in a knot, and pin back whatever you don’t want flipping out.

Click on the image above for details of each step.

Find more inspiration/how-tos on my Pinterest Hair Inspiration Board!


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3 responses to “Winter Hair

  1. It’s all about the braid! That’s how I deal with my (annoying) hair during this windy/cold/static-filled season!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. tried the braided bun a few weeks ago & fell in love. super chic & easy!

  3. I am loving the first one! It looks so chic, not to mention easy.


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